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Nutritious Agriculture by Design: A Tool for Program Planning

Nutritious Agriculture by Design: A Tool for Program Planning

Posted by kmacd on 21 Apr 2013

Hello NALAN!

I recently went to a presentation on this decision tool developed through GAIN, IDS and USAID. It is designed to help program planners apply a nutrition lense to agriculture programs. I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to look at it and had any thoughts on it's practicality, parts of it that were helpful etc.

Would love to hear what you all thought!



An Easy Tool to Use

Posted by Patrick Coonan on 26 Apr 2013

Kathleen, thanks for sharing this tool! 

I was struck by how easy it is to use. It doesn't overwhelm you with information/text and it's really easy to navigate. Have you considered sharing this tool with Andrea Mottram? She's looking for Ag-Nut Tools like this in a discussion she started recently in the FSN Network online community (

Kathleen, could you share a little more information about what you learned through the presentation you attended? Was there any information shared or feedback given on the tool that you think would be worth mentioning to the group? How do you think you (or your organization) might use the tool in your work?


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