Food Security and Nutrition Network
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Past Events

TOPS and the FSN Network hold a variety of knowledge sharing events in both the United States and overseas. They provide peer learning opportunities as community members bring their technical experience and individual perspectives to bear on issues relevant to food security and nutrition implementation.

Below is a list of past events. Click on the event for more information and resources from the event.

Knowledge Sharing Meetings

TOPS holds semiannual Knowledge Sharing Meetings, which bring together implementers, donors, and researchers for peer learning, knowledge sharing, and networking around food security and nutrition program implementation.

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Technical Events

Technical Events provide a platform for the FSN Network community to share technical experience, new studies, and additional resources through workshops, practical training, and presentations. 

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Consultations provide a platform for USAID's Office of Food for Peace to gain input from the PVO community on initiatives and policies.

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Exclusive online presentations and discussion that foster knowledge sharing and learning within the FSN Network community.

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Learning Events supported through the TOPS Small Grants Program

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