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Program Packages for Frontline Nutrition Services: How to Choose Them and How to Use Them

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Thursday, July 23, 2020 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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Inadequate nutrition, suboptimal care, and poor feeding practices put children under 5 years at higher risk of disease and mortality. The nutrition needs of many are inconsistently addressed, under-addressed, or unaddressed, causing morbidity and mortality. Providing adequate nutrition services as part of the continuum of care is an important part of reducing morbidity and mortality in children. Unfortunately, routine health services do not always provide those services in a consistent manner. Various packages, consisting of planning and implementation guidance, training materials, and job aids, have been designed to address gaps in nutrition services, but the implementation of these packages is often fragmented.

USAID Advancing Nutrition conducted a review of the most-used packages, to help governments and non-governmental organizations compare the content of program packages; combine, adapt, or harmonize them as needed; and, ultimately, to strengthen and expand nutrition-related services. During this webinar, speakers will share this package review and dive deeper into the MAMI, IMAM, NACS, and C-IYCF packages. They'll take a look at how the packages have been adapted or adopted, how nutrition has been strengthened within the packages, and how these packages can be harmonized with country guidelines.

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