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Question 3: FFP's Goal Statement

Question 3: FFP's Goal Statement

Posted by Patrick Coonan on 20 Aug 2014

During a plenary session at the TOPS/FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in July 2014, Susan Bradley of Food for Peace (FFP) asked the food security implementers in the room for their thoughts on key questions regarding the updating of the FFP Strategic Plan. This is the third question in that series. 

We welcome your thoughts and will be sharing your ideas directly with FFP. You can view the small group report out from the plenary session for this question by skipping to minute 42:05 of this recording.


The Strategic Objective of FFP’s 2006-2010 strategy was: “Food Insecurity in Vulnerable Populations Reduced.” FAFSA III found that the majority of non-emergency programs chose Ïmprove Food Security” rather than “Reduce Food Insecurity” in their goal statements.

Do either/both of these frames adequately reflect the current and future goal of FFP? Why or why not? Options?

Hybrid Approach

Posted by Gabrielle.Ben on 5 Sep 2014

Either of the frames reflect the current and future goal of FFP. However, reducing food insecurity has a negative connotation. An option should be hybrid that expresses that programs are taking beneficiaries on a journey to improve food security and reduce food insecurity.

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