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Reinvented Toilet Pilot Playbook

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Reinvented Toilet Pilot Playbook: Streamlined Guidance for Technology and Commercial Partners
Newly introduced technologies fail for many reasons. These include low user adoption, a misunderstanding of the target market, and an unsound business model. A pilot test can be a safe place to fail. The pilot can serve as a critical first step before going to market or implementing a program, and often saves organizations time and money in the long run. The Reinvented Toilet Pilot Playbook brings together best practices in designing pilot programs and answers questions including:

  • How do I know what to pilot and when?
  • How do I design a pilot?
  • Where should I pilot test my solution?

Key topics

  • Decision support
  • Pilot test site location 
  • convergence of late-stage technology readiness with pilot testing for product/program launch

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