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Resilience in Action Technical Brief: Climate & Ecosystem-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction

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The REAL Associate Award,
Mercy Corps
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The Resilience in Action Series aims to bring development practitioners one step closer to bridging the gap between theory and practice for integrating a resilience lens in programming, answering questions such as: How does a resilience lens change the design of interventions in key sectors? How do we shift design and implementation of interventions to promote resilience-building within programs? In this brief, we examine what is required to integrate a resilience approach to Climate and Ecosystems-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (CEDRR). This approach to promoting climate and environmental sensitivity, risk reduction, and resilience capacity-building works best when applied equally to operations, staffing, and partnerships as a foundation for an enabling environment. Adopting this approach supports adaptive program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation amidst shocks and stresses impacting communities. This framework and accompanying case studies demonstrate how a focus on resilience can promote “win-win nexus strategies”, address risk, support healthy eco-systems and sustainable livelihoods.

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