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Resilience Design in Smallholder Farming Systems Approach Toolkit: Measurement Toolkit

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Mercy Corps
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The Resilience Design (RD) in Smallholder Farming Systems Approach Toolkit has been developed by Mercy Corps through the TOPS Program to allow smallholder farmers to redesign their fields to increase soil health, manage water, and become more resilient to climate and environmental shocks overall.

The objective of this toolkit is to offer a number of tools and indicators for monitoring and measuring the impact of the RD approach that can be easily layered into existing agriculture monitoring and evaluation work.

The toolkit offers tools for monitoring progress on farms and gathering data on soil health, production, income and expenses at the farm level, as well as a number of participatory impact assessment (PIA) methods to assess their impact. The monitoring tools are designed to be easily used by field staff in their everyday work not only for monitoring but also for learning, aiming to facilitate a dialogue between field agents and farmers to help improve farms and integrate feedback from the monitoring process. The community-level participatory impact assessment methods can work either alongside existing impact indicators or as standalone methods.

Learn more by downloading the toolkit in English or French.

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