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Resource Library Submission Guidelines

The FSN Network website engages community members through a food security and nutrition capacity-building hub where we share knowledge, resources, and promising practices. As we learn from each other, we identify gaps and develop solutions, thus propelling the field of food security and nutrition programming forward to maximize impact.

Our Resource Library plays an essential role in this process, and we encourage community members to contribute relevant resources.


  • Tools (guides, handbooks, manuals, training tools, toolkits, etc.)
  • Case Studies (must be supported by evidence; no promotional materials)
  • Reports (whitepapers, discussion papers, issue papers, etc.)
  • Technical Briefs (short summaries of specific technical topics)


  • Policy documents
  • Presentations from events
  • News articles
  • Blog posts
  • Journal articles
  • Promotional materials of any kind

Note: Resources do not need to be peer-reviewed or endorsed by any institution, BUT you must have permission to share all resources you submit. 

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