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Make Me a Change Agent: An SBC Resource for WASH, Agriculture, and Livelihoods Activities

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You can also access this video in French and Amharic.

Make Me a Change Agent: An SBC Resource for WASH, Agriculture, and Livelihoods Activities is an adapted version of the Make Me a Change Agent: A Multisectoral SBC Resource for Community Workers and Field Staff guide (produced in 2015 under The TOPS Program) and was co-created by the USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP)-funded SCALE and PRO-WASH awards.

This adapted Make Me a Change Agent (MMCA) training manual focuses on the training of trainers specifically for community-level workers and focuses on interventions related to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), agriculture, and livelihoods. This resource seeks to build the skills of community-level workers in order for them to promote behavior change in their communities and includes necessary skills that can help a development worker in any sector become more effective as an agent of behavior change. 

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If you or your organization is interested in learning more about the MMCA training manual or how it can be used to strengthen your WASH, agriculture, or livelihood activities, please contact SCALE ( and PRO-WASH ( 

Tips for Applying Make Me a Change Agent Skills to WASH, Agriculture and Livelihoods Activities during COVID-19

While the MMCA guide was developed primarily for in-person sessions, many of the techniques are equally as important during COVID-19 responses as teams pivot to implementing activities remotely. SCALE and PRO-WASH have produced this tip sheet outlining how skills from the MMCA training manual can be adapted and used in the current context. This tip sheet is primarily for program staff who are familiar with the MMCA guide. However, those not previously trained in MMCA can follow the references made to specific content within the guide, and apply these documents into ongoing training and learning activities.   

Lessons Learned: Make Me a Change Agent for WASH, Agriculture and Livelihoods Activities

In order to inform the adaptation of the Make Me a Change Agent (MMCA) training guide, SCALE and PRO-WASH conducted eight MMCA training sessions and six post-training surveys with WASH, agriculture, and livelihoods staff from Ethiopia, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Uganda. This resource summarizes key results and lessons learned from the MMCA training sessions and post-training surveys and highlights the importance of this newly adapted Make Me a Change Agent (MMCA) training manual.