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In these complex times, our continued effectiveness requires an ability to experiment, learn, and adapt in response to unique and shifting dynamics in the contexts where we work. There are many ways to work adaptively: through your use of data, how you collaborate both internally and externally, or with nimble and responsive operations—to name a few.

Mercy Corps and peer organizations have studied adaptive management practices that have been pioneered by program teams across the globe, in a wide range of sectors and operating contexts. Case studies, research, and learning pilots have informed the development of the AdaptScan framework and accompanying co-assessment methodology.

Together, these tools help you identify ways your team can work more adaptively. They are also designed so that teams can periodically repeat the AdaptScan process to track their progress and continue to improve over time. The result: a team that better understands the what, why, and how of adaptive management, and an adaptive management plan that helps you take more of the actions that drive better outcomes. This version of AdaptScan is designed to give teams the quickest returns from a workshop running about three hours.