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There is growing debate about the future of the global food system as questions about its capacity and limitations become increasingly evident and pressing. The current industrialized model has been highly successful in delivering vast quantities of affordable, reliable, safe and varied food to many. However, the system comes with significant social, economic and environmental trade-offs. Further, despite its success in food delivery, it leaves too many people without access to the quantity or quality of food they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Appetite for Change lays out an agenda that is believed to be capable of positioning the food sector and its partners to build a sustainable food system. Delivery will require new techniques, unprecedented collaboration among farmers, businesses and government, plus imagination, but change is necessary and possible. Debate is invited on these findings and recommendations.

This report presents key findings and outlines key elements of the change agenda the food sector is most likely to need to adopt in order to meet escalating societal needs and demands around accessible, nutritious and sustainably produced food for all.