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Building Resilience: A Guide to Facilitating Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction in the Horn of Africa

Catholic Relief Services | International Institute of Rural Reconstruction
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Technical Guidance

This manual instructs development workers on how to implement Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CM-DRR) activities in their communities. The guide equips you to be a CM-DRR field practitioner by providing you with the basic facilitation skills needed to help communities reduce disaster risk through a participatory and people-centered process.

As part of the facilitation process, you will work with community members to apply the four CM-DRR minimum requirements:

  • Complete a disaster risk analysis
  • Implement disaster risk reduction measures
  • Set up a functional community organization
  • Institutionalize a Participatory Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PME&L) process

This manual is customized for use in the Horn of Africa, but development practitioners can use it to implement CM-DRR activities globally. By undertaking disaster risk reduction activities, communities can significantly reduce their vulnerability to disasters and better achieve sustainable development.