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Technical Guidance

There is currently a general acceptance within the humanitarian sector that market analysis should form a core part of the assessment process after crises, to inform the response options analysis and programme design. This is evidenced by the appearance of market analysis in broader tools such as the Multi Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA) and the CaLP Minimum Requirements for Market Analysis in Emergencies. Market analysis is also increasingly being integrated into preparedness processes in pre-crisis settings. 

The increasing awareness of the need for market analysis has led to a plethora of guidance and tools with which to conduct this analysis. Choosing which tool is the right fit for your agency can lead to confusion and additional stress. This table comparing the market analysis guidance aims to:

  • Provide a basic overview of the different market analysis guidance that exists
  • Provide a starting point and support to choose between tools or combine tools to fit the context and need.