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Comprehensive Food Security & Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) Guidelines - First Edition, 2009

World Food Programme (WFP)
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Tools & Manuals

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide the CFSVA analysis team with currently recommended procedures and protocols for undertaking a CFSVA. It is not a manual or protocol, but rather a collection of guiding frameworks, tools, and approaches to CFSVA planning, implementation, analysis, and dissemination. It consolidates existing CFSVA guidelines into one unique, comprehensive document. It should be used as a reference to ensure that most aspects of a CFSVA exercise are adequately covered. The reader should already possess basic knowledge of food security and social research techniques, which should be applied according to the guidance in this document.

These guidelines are organized in the following way. First there is a section on the key planning steps for implementing a CFSVA. This is followed by sections organized by the different types of data used: desk review, household and community data collection, and how such data are typically analysed. The next section covers food security analysis, and how information from all sources is combined to answer the key questions of the CFSVA. The document ends with sections on conclusions and response options and report preparation and dissemination. Gender and HIV/AIDS are cross-cutting elements of the document.