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Endline Report of the RFSA Graduating to Resilience in Uganda, Cohort 1: Summary Report

TOPS Uganda RCT Associate Award
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Evaluations and Research

Evidence from multiple contexts suggests that the Graduation Approach, which provides holistic livelihood support for ultra-poor households, has lasting positive impacts on a range of outcomes. However, graduation programs are relatively expensive because of the intense level of support they offer. The costs pose a challenge for governments that want to implement the approach at scale. In Uganda, researchers worked with Innovations for Poverty Action to conduct a randomized evaluation to understand better the effectiveness of several variants of a graduation program focused on improving nutrition and self-reliance among populations in and around a refugee settlement. The activity had significant positive impacts on key outcomes for both participants and their households, including food security, nutrition, and self-reliance. All variations of the program also had large positive returns on investment.

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