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The principle objective of this manual is to provide development organizations (DOs) with knowledge and tools that can assist them build the capacity of companies (buyers) to develop and operate mutually beneficial outgrowing operations with farmers. The manual is divided into five sections:

  1. Question Guides: Present the critical questions and decisions that a company must make before engaging in an outgrowing operation. 
  2. General Lessons Learned: These points are drawn from existing companies as well as technical specialists who have a broad range of experience.
  3. Side-selling: Addresses the critical issue of Side-selling and presents a range of strategies and methods that companies can use to help avoid it
  4. Role of the Development Organization in Facilitating the Development of Outgrowing Operations: This section, from the perspective of a DO, presents principles and lessons learned that can help a DO structure its collaboration with targeted companies in a way that maximizes the chances of success and sustainable impact—for both the company and the producers they buy from who are, in most cases, the ultimate DO target group.
  5. Intervention Briefs: Provide concrete and practical examples of how DOs can help build the capacity of companies to successfully develop and manage the different outgrowing operation components