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Facilitation Guide for an Integrated Evaluation Methodology: Most Significant Change and PhotoVoice

Lutheran World Relief | Cultural Practice, LLC.
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Evaluations and Research

In 2012, Lutheran World Relief launched the Learning for Gender Integration (LGI) initiative, a program focused on addressing gender inequality in the context of food security. LGI piloted three gender-integrated food security programs in India, Nicaragua, and Uganda, concluding in 2016. Under this award, Lutheran World Relief worked alongside Cultural Practices, LLC to design and lead a participatory evaluation of the programs in each of the three countries using a combination of two qualitative methodologies. Applying the first methodology, known as PhotoVoice, Lutheran World Relief trained and equipped project participants with cameras and asked them to photograph people and situations in their lives that demonstrate how gender roles had changed. For the second methodology, known as Most Significant Change, project staff from partner organizations chose stories that reflected notable changes that had taken place in the roles of women and men in the communities. Findings of these evaluations included evidence of a more equal distribution of labor between women and men and an improved willingness to include women in household decision-making.

The facilitation guide is for anyone who is interested in an evaluation technique that promotes and facilitates equitable discussion and analysis among different types of stakeholders, with a particular focus on project participants and implementers. The evaluations of the three programs and a photo book from the project are also available for download here.

See the online photo book here!