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Flood and Droughts through a Gendered Lens; Mitigating Strategies for Women, Girls, Boys and Men in Malawi

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Evaluations and Research

The experiences of women, girls, boys and men, of disasters and associated mitigating measures can be different as a result of multiple factors. These factors can range from limitations in access to information, to the level of health and support services offered to people in normal times and in times of disaster. Pre-existing factors such as differing literacy levels, economic and decision making power and differing gender roles also lead to differing gendered experiences of disasters and mitigating measures. This 2015 study by GOAL Malawi, funded by USAID, presents findings and recommendations for improved experiences of women, girls, boys and men in rural Blantyre, Neno and Nsanje districts based on contributing themes to resilience and food security, which leverage and add to existing literature on gender.