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Guidelines for Measuring Gender Transformative Change in the Context of Food Security, Nutrition, and Sustainable Agriculture

FAO, IFAD, WFP, and CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform
FAO | IFAD | WFP | CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform
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Tools & Manuals

These Guidelines include step-by-step guidance to formulate qualitative and quantitative indicators of gender transformative change to help gender experts and food security, agriculture, and nutrition program specialists in their efforts to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate gender-transformative interventions. These indicators should be distinctive from and a complement to other reach, benefit, and empower indicators intended to contribute to gender equality outcomes in food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture.

The Guidelines also present an overarching framework for measuring gender transformative change in the context of food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture, including key dimensions and a socio-ecological model for identifying spheres of influence within which gender transformative change can be measured. Additionally, the Guidelines bring attention to other important issues to consider when to implement the framework and when to develop context-specific indicators of gender transformative change, such as the incorporation of insider perspectives and consideration of intersectional forms of discrimination.