Sarah Hurlburt/CARE Ethiopia
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Case Studies | Technical Guidance

IDEAL’s HDP Coherence Practice Note Series responds to a demand among food and nutrition security practitioners for clear examples of ways to operationalize the HDP coherence principles outlined in Programming Considerations for Humanitarian-Development-Peace (HDP) Coherence: A Note for USAID’s Implementing Partners. Rather than comprehensive case studies, each practice note presents a concise and operationally focused example of one or more of the HDP coherence principles “in action” and draws out lessons learned that may be applicable in other contexts. Examples include HDP coherence approaches within a single activity (intra-activity), between separate humanitarian and development activities (inter-activity), or within a single organization (intra-organization). 

  • Read the Ethiopia practice note to learn about key HDP coherence practices between separate humanitarian and development activities, focusing on the Livelihoods for Resilience development activity and the Biruh Tesfa humanitarian project. 
  • Read the Lebanon practice note in English or in French to learn how Mercy Corps Lebanon used shock-responsive programming and data-driven adaptive management to promote HDP coherence.
  • Read the Mali practice note in English or in French to learn how the Albarka activity worked through local partners and systems and strategically sequenced, layered, and integrated its interventions to promote HDP coherence.
  • Read the Yemen practice note to learn how CARE Yemen used an integrated, conflict-sensitive approach to promote HDP coherence.

Check out our HDP collection for more resources and watch a recording from a recent event where implementers shared how they operationalized HDP coherence!