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Indicator Tracking Table or ITT is similar to an IPTT. The ITT is particularly helpful for consortium or partnership projects in which typically one partner is responsible for reporting to the donor while the data are being collected by all partners.  An ITT includes output level indicators from IPTT (those IPTT indicators collected during the routing monitoring process) DIP indicators, project specific indicators for technical components, and management indicators. One Indicator Tracking Table is developed for each partner organization with partner-specific targets. The partners report to the project M&E lead on the ITT indicators and track outputs against ITT targets. The M&E lead then compiles all information from ITT to produce project level report to be submitted to donor based on IPTT and other stakeholders. ITT helps the M&E team to divide the responsibilities and clarify roles for each partner. It establishes clear links between partner level monitoring data and the project level indicators and targets. It helps to minimize ambiguity in reporting and setting up targets.