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Knowledge, Practices, and Coverage Survey 2000+ Field Guide

Child Survival Technical Support (CSTS) Project | CORE Group | USAID
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The PVO Child Survival Support Project (CSSP) of The Johns Hopkins University initially developed a document known as the Survey Trainer’s Guide for PVO Child Survival Project Rapid Knowledge, Practice, and Coverage (KPC) Surveys. The guide aimed to help standardize field implementation of KPC surveys. Its target audience was individuals who attended one of the many Training of Survey Trainers (TOST) Workshops organized by PVO CSSP.

The present guide, the KPC2000+ Field Guide, is an updated version of the Survey Trainer’s Guide. The new guide corresponds to the October 2000 version of the KPC, which is now called the KPC2000+. The KPC2000+ is a revision of the original questionnaire developed by PVO CSSP, and is a product of the Child Survival Technical Support Project (CSTS) and the CORE Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group (MEWG).

Like the original KPC manual, the KPC2000+ Field Guide aims to assist projects in planning, conducting, and analyzing a KPC survey. The present guide contains expanded sections on sampling options for KPC surveys, KPC data analysis, and the use of KPC data for health decision-making. It also stresses the importance of incorporating qualitative research, partnership-building, and capacity development into the KPC process.

The KPC2000+ Field Guide is written for persons who will be conducting KPC surveys but have not yet had the opportunity to attend a KPC training workshop. An effort has been made to present concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. However, this guide is not intended to take the place of formal instruction in survey research. Individuals who do not have a basic understanding of survey research and program monitoring and evaluation are encouraged to refer to other resources (such as the ones listed at the end of each section) and/or seek the assistance of individuals with such experience.