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Metodología con Base Censal Orientada al Impacto: Una Guía de Recursos para Brindar Atención Primaria en Salud Efectiva y con Equidad

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Technical Guidance
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Curamericas developed and tested a model of health service delivery called the Census-Based, Impact-Oriented (CBIO) approach in Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico over the past 20 years. The CBIO approach is a community-based primary health care model that allows local health care staff to better understand and more effectively treat the most common causes of sickness and death within their communities. Because of its unique approach to measuring community health, the CBIO methodology provides a basis to accurately measure health service outcomes and impacts, including mortality reduction. The CBIO methodology seeks to ensure that:

1) Scarce resources and services are appropriately targeted to the most common causes of avoidable illness and death

2) Service outreach and utilization are equitable, reaching those of greatest need within targeted communities

3) Outcomes and impacts (including changes in mortality) are well measured