Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
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Technical Guidance

What is the M&E Standards Support Tool? The M&E Standards Support Tool is composed of:

  • A series of questions to guide discussion on adherence to each of the M&E Quality Standards 
  • Key entry points for use of the Quality Standards
  • A list of resources that support the work

Each of the Standards has a list of questions that promotes a better understanding of the important elements that make up each Standard. By answering these questions, staff are able to assess how well their own work meets the requirements of the Standard.

The Key Entry Points are opportunities to introduce and use the Standards in a cost-effective and strategic manner. The entry points are events that occur in the regular work of CRS offices and offer significant opportunities to discuss the Standards and to work with staff and partners to improve the quality of our work.

The M&E Standards Support Tool is intended to support staff to generate discussion and address gaps in the current level of attainment of the Project Performance and Organizational Performance Quality Standards. While the questions are posed in a yes/no manner, responses will require discussion and critical review.