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Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture for Agriculture Development Agents

Save the Children
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Technical Guidance

Agriculture and nutrition are interrelated. Agricultural production is an important means for most people to get the food and essential nutrients they need. On the other hand, as agriculture is highly labor intensive, particularly in poor countries like Ethiopia, productive agriculture requires the labor of healthy, well-nourished people.

In order to impact on the nutritional outcomes, there is a need to focus on nutrition-sensitive agriculture. Nutrition-sensitive agriculture involves the design and adoption of cropping and farming systems (crops and animal) which can provide agricultural solutions to the prevailing nutritional problems.

Development agents (DAs) or agriculture extension workers (AEWs) are at the forefront to support farmers for improved agricultural production and better income. This nutrition-sensitive agriculture training aims at building the knowledge and skill of DAs in nutrition-sensitive agriculture so that they can promote agricultural and other related practices that maximize nutritional benefits.

Download the Participant Manual and Trainer Manual above.

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