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Participant Financial Analysis for Resilience Food Security Activities

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Technical Guidance

This technical guidance aims to help implementing partners (IPs) conduct Participant Financial Analysis of on-farm and off-farm livelihood interventions as part of Resilience Food Security Activities (RFSAs). The purpose of this guidance is to be a reference manual for activity designers in understanding the Participant Financial Analysis requirements as part of their application submissions, as well as suggestions for additional considerations, best practices, and tips to ensure consistency and quality. This technical guidance also includes sample calculations, which can be used as a template.

As part of the RFSA application requirement, the Participant Financial Analysis is meant to be a simple, yet useful, exercise to confirm that proposed livelihood interventions will lead to financial benefits for the activity participants. This may also help prioritize those interventions based on profitability for the farmer/worker/entrepreneur. There is no expectation to complete a more sophisticated analysis than what is outlined in this technical guidance, but IPs are welcome to do so if they find it useful.