African Women Rising
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Technical Guidance

The Participatory Impact Assessment, or PIA, the approach is commonly used in instances where baseline information is unavailable, with project beneficiaries identifying and measuring their own indicators of change. During the month of October 2017, a Participatory Impact Assessment of AWR’s work in Northern Uganda was conducted by an independent consultant, Adrian Cullis. Fieldwork was prefaced by a literature review of the region, its population, and the history of AWR. In the field, the PIA approach blended qualitative and quantitative methods to produce statistically valid findings augmented with in-depth conversations to better understand why and how changes were taking place. In total, 415 individuals (315 women; 102 men) served by AWR were surveyed in the impact assessment. The assessment also included meetings with local government representatives without AWR staff present to triangulate and verify findings.

These are assessments of the Permagarden Approach, developed under the TOPS program, and now supported through SCALE. Learn more about African Women Rising here.