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Program P: A Manual for Engaging Men in Fatherhood, Caregiving, and Maternal and Child Health

Promundo | CulturaSalud/EME | Network of Men for Gender Equality (REDMAS) | Save the Children | Sonke Gender Justice Network | Rutgers WPF
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Technical Guidance | Tools & Manuals

The benefits of men taking on a greater role in caregiving cannot be overstated. By caring for children, men build stronger and more affective connections with those whom they care for. Decades of studies have shown that children who have supportive and affectionate role models in their fathers are more likely to be safer and better protected from violence, have more successful futures, and handle the stresses of life more easily than those with an absent father or male role model. Men’s active engagement with caregiving has a positive effect on the gender socialization of girls and boys, and makes children them more open to questioning traditional gender roles.