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Realizing the Triple Nexus: Experiences from implementing the human security approach

United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security
United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security
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Technical Guidance

This guidance note explores the synergies between commitments made at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, such as the "New Way of Working" (NWOW), and the application of the human security approach, which has gained effectiveness and scope since General Assembly resolution 66/290. It is designed for policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders involved in humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts, particularly those interested in strengthening the humanitarian-development-peace nexus (HDPN). The note can be used as a resource to understand how applying the human security approach supports these commitments, enhances the operationalization of the HDPN, and promotes a response framework that is people-centered and operates across the nexus's three pillars. Additionally, it provides practical guidance on the step-by-step application of the HDPN from a human security perspective, drawing on lessons learned from activities supported by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS).