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Technical Guidance

The Sahel today is marked by food insecurity, persistent poverty, corrupt governance, high population growth rates, and recurrent climate shocks that often drive vulnerable communities into crisis, conflict, and frequently make them vulnerable to violent extremism. These are challenges that cross international borders and require long time horizons to effect change. Yet, in the midst of these negative trends, there are positive signs and opportunities to build on as countries and communities work to improve their own resilience. USAID has a regional approach designed to address these intertwined problems sets. The Resilience in the Sahel Enhanced (RISE) program is a key pillar of that approach that also includes strategic layering and sequencing of life-saving humanitarian assistance, and separate activities designed to reduce vulnerability to conflict and extremism.

This working paper is meant to provide information on the strategic and technical approach USAID intends to use for RISE II. USAID retains the right to change its strategic or technical approach at any time without notification. This paper is a reference document that contains useful information for applicants seeking funding under RISE II, as well as for others who wish to partner with USAID, or better understand USAID’s approach.