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Sanitation Learning Hub: Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector

Sanitation Learning Hub
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This Sanitation Learning Hub (SLH) Learning Paper summarises the key learning from a rapid topic exploration on 'Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector'. Through a literature review and interviews with 32 professionals working across the WASH and associated sectors, this desk study looked at how people in the WASH sector learn, the processes utilized, and what seems to work best; as well as the barriers and challenges to learning. It looked at learning from communities and peer-to-peer and how the learning gets translated into action at scale. 

SLH Learning Papers explore and aim to answer questions on emerging issues, approaches, and gaps and blind spots in the sanitation and hygiene sector. The topics of these in-depth, peer-reviewed papers and scoping studies are generated in discussion with stakeholders and either conducted by the SLH or partners or developed collectively in workshops and write shops. The aim is to generate understanding and awareness as well as providing practical guidance for both policy-makers and practitioners.

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