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Savings Group Risk Mitigation, Support, and Engagement in Relation to COVID-19

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Technical Guidance

Savings groups are one of the most consistent and sustainable platforms for community programming across many sectors and contexts. Currently, there are more than 15 million members in savings groups in more than 73 countries around the world.1 These groups are overwhelmingly made up of poor, rural women, and provide a critical engine for economic opportunity, source of social solidarity and safety net for many families in vulnerable situations. These groups have proven that they are resilient and resourceful. Often, they at the frontlines of their local response to crisis.

COVID-19 poses crucial health and economic risks for Savings Groups as markets falter, mobility is restricted, and community gathering is restrained. Especially as the majority of members are women, they are likely to be primary caregivers in health crisis, which puts them at special risk of additional burdens. These tips will help implementers consider how best to support savings groups and their members during this crisis.