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Sex & Age Matter: Improving Humanitarian Response in Emergencies 

Feinstein International Center, Tufts University
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Evaluations and Research

This study’s overall objective is to provide information on the collection and use of sex and age disaggregated data (SADD) and gender and generational analyses of SADD. It is intended to inform assessment processes by humanitarian actors responding to natural disasters and situations of armed conflict.

This report is intended for policy makers and senior operational actors, both within the United Nations and INGOs, and in particular Humanitarian Coordinators, Heads of Offices and Cluster leads. This report is also intended for donors that fund humanitarian response to natural disasters and situations of armed conflict.

Since the first day of Phase I, when the different actors agree on the baselines, tools and indicators, to the data analysis in Phase III, the inclusion of SADD can make the data and the findings much stronger and more useful for planning programs. SADD considerations matter in each phase. Omitting them at the beginning is particularly dangerous because if SADD is not considered in Phase I while designing the tools, then it is likely that the information gaps will continue