WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank Group and UNDESA/Population Division
WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank Group, and UNDESA/Population Division
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Evaluations and Research

This report presents internationally comparable global-, regional- and country-level estimates and trends for maternal mortality between 2000 and 2020. Countries and territories included in the analyses are limited to 183 WHO Member States that had populations over 100 000 in 2020 and two additional territories – Puerto Rico and the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem – which also met the population criterion. This results in a total of 185 countries and territories included in the data presented in this report. The results described in this report are the second available set of estimates describing maternal mortality for years that fall within the SDG reporting period. This report is the first to present trends within the SDG period, for the first five years of the 15-year period, from the start of 2016 until the end of 2020. The new estimates and trends presented in this report supersede all previously published estimates for years that fall within the same time period.