The FSN Network website engages community members through a food security and nutrition capacity-building hub where we share knowledge, resources and promising practices. As we learn from each other, we identify gaps and develop solutions, thus propelling the field of food security and nutrition programming forward to maximize impact. Our Resource Library plays an essential role in this process. Access over 700 guides, tools, and manuals addressing a variety of technical, cross‐cutting, and performance quality management topics.

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The Food Security and Nutrition Network resource library features practical implementation-focused guides, tools, and training materials.

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FSN Network Recommended

FSN Network Task Force Recommended Resources have been reviewed and voted on by technical staff within the FSN Network community. Task Force members consider the following criteria when voting:

  • Easy to use/field friendly
  • Found useful and effective
  • Successfully applied in the appropriate context
  • Addresses a need/gap in the practitioner community

Unless specifically noted, these resources have not been peer reviewed in any formal sense and are not officially endorsed by any institution. The contents of these resources do not represent the opinions or policy of USAID or other donors.

TOPS Small Grants Funded 

The Small Grants Program within The TOPS Program is helping organizations design, test, and share promising practices, tools, guidance, and skills that can help others in the food security community design and implement stronger programs.

Resources funded by the TOPS Small Grants Program are made possible by the generous support and contribution of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of the materials produced through the TOPS Small Grants Program do not necessarily reflect the views of TOPS, USAID or the United States Government.

Resource Videos

Resource videos are a brand new addition to the FSN Network Resource Library. The purpose of the videos is to provide more context about a resource, so each video is created by a person who played a significant role in developing, researching, and/or writing the resource. 

Adding a video to your resource page can increase interest in your resource by highlighting key points and providing tips on how to make the most out of the resource.

Behavior Bank

The Food Security and Nutrition Network Behavior Bank features results from Barrier Analysis and Doer/NonDoer Studies conducted by food security and other practitioners globally. 

Narrated Presentations

Narrated presentations are asynchronous tools designed to introduce learners to a specific topic at their own pace. Users can access this instructional content independently and on their own schedules, as required.