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SCALE is an initiative funded by USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP) to enhance the impact, sustainability and scalability of FFP-funded agriculture, natural resource management and off-farm livelihoods activities in emergency and development contexts. SCALE is implemented by Mercy Corps in collaboration with Save the Children.

What We Do


Funded by the USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP) until 2023, SCALE builds on agricultural activities implemented by the TOPS Program to enhance the impact, sustainability and scalability of FFP-funded agriculture, natural resource management, and off-farm livelihood activities in both emergency and development contexts. Implemented by Mercy Corps in collaboration with Save the Children, SCALE partners with food security implementers and the broader research community to capture, generate, apply and share knowledge to foster more resilient agricultural systems and enhance income opportunities for the world’s most vulnerable.

How to Benefit from SCALE

If you are an FFP implementer, SCALE:

  • Captures programs’ best practices, innovations and technologies, and shares them globally (for programs awarded pre-2016)
  • Delivers adult-centered capacity strengthening packages to staff and partners (for programs awarded post-2016)

If you are an FFP implementer or food security implementer, SCALE:

  • Develops tools, guides and technical materials to support program implementation
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing events between implementers, donors, and researchers
  • Facilitates learning networks and communities of practice

If you are a technical or research organization, SCALE:

  • Shares and adapts technical approaches, methodologies and learning to the development community
  • Facilitates long-term linkages for sustainable learning opportunities

Who We Are

Andrea Mottram is the Program Director for the SCALE award. With 20 years of experience in agricultural development in Africa and Asia, Andrea has designed, managed and advised on a range of research and development programs including: smallholder crop production and food security, livelihood and economic recovery, market development, sustainable resource management, and community development. Andrea currently works for Mercy Corps, where she has held technical and management roles at a global and country level. She formerly worked in agricultural research and capacity strengthening for the Centre for Arid Zone studies, a UK-based research and development organization. Andrea has a PhD from the University of Wales, Bangor, UK in Sorghum and Millet Production in Semi-Arid areas, and an MSc in Rural Resource Management.


Kristin Lambert leads SCALE’s efforts to enhance research, learning and collaboration across FFP’s global portfolio, with a focus on agriculture and natural resource management (NRM). An Agriculture Advisor on Mercy Corps' Technical Support Unit, Kristin has a decade of experience working in technical, management and research positions across sub-Saharan Africa. Her work has focused on climate information services, resilience programming, climate change adaptation and community-based conservation. Kristin holds a Master’s in Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a MPP from the University of Virginia.





Abby Love works as the Agriculture Advisor for the SCALE award, focusing on agriculture and natural resource management capacity strengthening for USAID/FFP programs globally. Prior to SCALE, she led Mercy Corps' knowledge management efforts for its global resilience initiative, where she fostered and facilitated online and in-person knowledge sharing and learning opportunities. Abby has worked in various roles in international development, including as the former Agriculture Officer for the USAID/FFP-funded Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Program. She has an MS in Agricultural and Applied Economics and a BSES in Environmental Economics and Management.