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Small Grants Tips for Success for Grantors and Grantees

Laura Zillmer
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The TOPS Program
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Small grants can provide organizations with unique opportunities to implement activities that might otherwise be difficult to fund. Be it testing an innovative idea or organizing a one-time event, small grants provide both grantors and grantees with a flexible form of funding that can spur creativity and learning for both parties. 

These tip sheets provide helpful advice both for organizations considering starting up a small grants program and for those interested in applying for and implementing small grants. Prospective grantors will learn about setting up a program and tips for running it successfully. Prospective grantees will learn how to position their organization and apply for a small grant as well as suggestions for how to carry out and manage a small grant once awarded. 

The tip sheets are based on experiences from the TOPS Small Grants Program that awarded just over $4 million via 71 grants over seven years. The tip sheets also serve as a follow-up to the "Small Grants: Tips for Success for Grantors and Grantees" webinar hosted by TOPS on May 31, 2018. For those interested, the presentation and the recording of the webinar can be found here

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