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Social and Behavioral Change

The Food Security and Nutrition Network Social & Behavioral Change (SBC) Task Force is designed to develop, reach consensus on, and build capacity in state of the art standards and tools for SBC to improve the quality of food security programs. It is composed of 50+ representatives from NGO Title II grantees and partner organizations in government, academia and the private sector. It provides an inclusive forum for sharing, adapting, refining and disseminating information, methodologies, tools and promising practices on SBC for increasing the impact of food security programs.

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Meetings and Events

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  • August 3, 2017 - The Task Force met to review the newly completed resource: REALIZE: Social and Behavioral Change for Gender Equity and Diversity, and introduced a Formative Research Planning Guide that the group has been developing. 
  • March 2, 2017 - The Task Force met to hold a discussion on Incorporating Elements of Behavorial Economics into SBC Design. 
  • May 25, 2016 - The Task Force met to go over an SBC resource which is up for possible recommendation by the group, and a presentation and discussion on Participatory Learning and Action (PLA).

Behavior Bank

The Behavior Bank is a collection of results from barrier analysis and doer/non-doer surveys conducted by food security and nutrition implementers operating globally.

SBC Journal Club

The SBC Journal Club, co-hosted by the SBC Task Force of the FSN Network and the SBC Working Group of CORE, reviews recent journal articles and reports on social and behavioral change and facilitates discussion among the club members on the implications for implementers of SBC activities. To join the club, email Mary Decoster at View recordings of past journal club presentations below.

Task Force Recommended Tools

This task force recommends the following tools for implementers of Title II, Food for Peace funded development food assistance programs.

Online Discussion

Click here to participate in an online discussion on social and behavioral change.

How to Get Involved

Participation in the Social and Behavioral Change Task Force of the FSN Network is open to implementers of food security and nutrition programs.

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