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Submit a Resource Video

Resource videos are a brand new addition to the FSN Network Resource Library. The purpose of the videos is to provide more context about a resource, so each video is created by a person who played a significant role in developing, researching, and/or writing the resource. 

Adding a video to your resource page can increase interest in your resource by highlighting key points and providing tips on how to make the most out of the resource.

See examples of resources videos!

If your resource is in our library, we would love to add a video from you! (To submit a resource to the library click here.)

Recording your video:

You will need a computer with a webcam to record your video. Most computers have built-in webcam programs that allow for simple video recording. If you have not used such a program before, try searching "webcam" in your programs menu, or search on Google how to record video using the webcam on your specific computer. In addition to the webcam program, your computer may also be equipped with iMovie (Mac) or Movie Maker (Windows). If available to you, these programs also offer easy video recording capabilities. 

If you have trouble recording your video, email for support.

After you record your video, review it to be sure it looks and sounds the way you want. 

Submitting your video:

Email the completed video, along with a link to the corresponding resource in our Resource Library, to If the file is too large to email, you can share it through Dropbox or Google Drive. If none of those options work, email us to let us know, and we'll find a solution.

When we receive the video we will review it and get back to you if there are any issues. Otherwise, you will be notified when the video has been uploaded to your resource page.

Before you begin, please review the guidelines below:


This outline is meant as general guidance, and you are welcome to change the order or substitute other details.

  1. [15 – 20  seconds] Introduce yourself and the resource, mentioning how you are involved (author, editor, etc.)
  2. [25 – 35 seconds] Explain why this resource was created and what needs it fills.
  3. [25 – 35 seconds] Describe the target audience(s) and ideal context(s) for use.
  4. [30 – 40 seconds] Highlight a few key elements, and include page numbers if applicable.
  5. [10 – 15 seconds] End with a nice sign-off, e.g. “Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you find this resource useful”.


  • Make general notes on what you are going to say. Do not write out an exact transcript, since talking freely sounds and looks more natural.
  • Practice out loud a few times before recording. Don’t practice more than three or four times so you don’t sound too rehearsed in the video.
  • Time yourself while practicing to be sure you are talking for about two to three minutes.
  • Talk slowly. Even if it sounds too slow to you, it’s probably the ideal speed for others listening.
  • Hold up a printed copy of the resource, if available, as you point out specific sections during the video.
  • Smile!