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Summary Report and Policy Brief from the Food Assistance for Nutrition Evidence Summit

Shelley Walton,
Lindsey Green,
Elisabeth Learned,
Kristine Caiafa,
Devika Suri,
Ilana Cliffer,
Ye Shen,
Michael Joseph,
Breanne Langlois,
Maria Wrabel
Organizational Authors: 
Tufts University
Year Published: 

In June 2018, the Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR) project with USAID’s Office of Food for Peace hosted the Food Assistance for Nutrition Evidence Summit in Washington D.C.
The Evidence Summit Policy Brief and Summary of the Food Assistance for Nutrition Evidence Summit both seek to capture the main discussion points and priority actions to support advancing food assistance for nutrition programming. 

These actions include:

  • More funding for careful studies that document best practice for food assistance in all humanitarian contexts, with particular attention to measurable impacts on maternal and child nutrition.
  • Innovations should be promoted in product formulations, food packaging technology, food safety quality, and food aid supply chain optimization tools.
  • Multi-sectoral and multi-institutional collaboration and communication must be enhanced. No one donor, government or agency can effectively operate alone.

Further materials from the Evidence Summit including presentations, videos, and resource booklets are available here:

Evidence Summit Summary Report

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