TOPS Keeps On for You

As many of you may have known, The TOPS Program award was slated to expire on 31 January 2018. As you can see, we are still here. I am happy to report that, after almost seven and a half years of delivering learning, capacity strengthening, stakeholder consultations and many other services, TOPS will, in fact, continue for another year serving the food security implementing community. USAID's Office of Food for Peace has made it possible to extend TOPS and our learning and technical services beyond our expected termination.

TOPS will continue to manage the FSN Network and convene and facilitate many of the learning and knowledge sharing activities that have become signatures of the TOPS Program, such as another major Knowledge Sharing Meeting later in the year. (TOPS will be seeking your suggestions and advice, so keep following the FSN Network for details.)

TOPS will continue to carry out commodity management skills strengthening and working on new learning opportunities for other components of the response portfolio, for example, cash and voucher programming. TOPS will also continue to deliver Theory of Change training and stakeholder consultations and will host two major M&E practitioner workshops for M&E skills building. 

The TOPS consortium will continue to deliver agriculture and natural resource management capacity strengthening with a broad new workplan to reach many more implementers and rural communities. 

Finall, in a new undertaking, TOPS is launching a new initiative in WASH to examine the field of WASH interventions, history, and practice. With you, we will seek out knowledge and experience, tools, practices, and evidence to more clearly define successful WASH programming and facilitate opportunities to strengthen sustainable skills of implementers delivering high-quality WASH components in FFP-funded programs. 

TOPS will provide further details on program and activities - again, keep following the FSN Network - as we move into our new phase. We will consult with you in the overall community of practice for your involvement and we will host activities to allow us all to share and learn in the TOPS way.

We are looking forward to a great new year!

- Mark Fritzler, Director, The TOPS Program