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The TOPS Program Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Technical Guides

The Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (ANRM) team has compiled a set of short technical guides covering a range of ANRM topics. The guidance in these documents is mainly for project staff working with smallholder farmers, such as those targeted by USAID/Food for Peace-funded programs. Each guide contains a brief overview of the topic, a short case study, and key tools for further reading on the topic.

  1. Reaping the Benefits: Technical Guidance on Reducing Post-Harvest Losses in Smallholder Farming Systems
  2. Learning that Lasts: Technical Guidance for Farmer Field Schools
  3. Branching Out: Technical Guidance for Agroforestry 
  4. Farming for a Profit: Technical Guidance for Smallholder Financial Planning

If you have any questions about the technical guides, feel free to contact one of The TOPS Program ANRM staff members:

Andrea Mottram, Senior Agriculture Specialist -

Eric Carlberg, Regional Agriculture Specialist -

Abby Love, Agriculture Officer -