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TOPS/FSN Network East & Southern Africa Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting: Changing Landscapes of Food Security

The Knowledge Sharing Meeting brought together over 200 implementers, donors, and researchers from over 95 organizations for peer learning, knowledge sharing, and networking around food security and nutrition program implementation in Africa.

The meeting fostered a collaborative exchange of ideas among participants. Attendees explored the changing landscapes of food security in the region including the growing role of youth, and the need to build sustainability and resilience strategies into projects. They worked together to address these emerging themes as opportunities rather than challenges to strengthen programming with the goal of improving the food security and nutrition status of vulnerable populations in the region and around the world.


Agenda at-a-Glance

Program Booklet


Tuesday, September 20

Wednesday, September 21

Thursday, September 22


Look back at highlights from the meeting in this video, as well as the opening, plenary and closing sessions, snapshots, and tweets from the conference.

Welcome Remarks and Keynote Address

Day 2 Plenary: FFP's New 2016-2025 Strategy

Day 3 Plenary: Food Assistance Modalities: Evaluating Benefits and Trade-offs to Meet Humanitarian Food Needs

Taking the Learning Home: Messages and Meaning from Your Programs

Photo Gallery I Scroll through the Tweets!