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USAID Evaluation Policy

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The USAID evaluation policy is intended to provide clarity to USAID staff, partners and stakeholders about the purposes of evaluation, the types of evaluations that are required and recommended, and the approach for conducting, disseminating and using evaluations. Intended primarily to guide staff decisions regarding the practice of evaluation within projects managed by USAID, it also serves to communicate to implementing partners and key stakeholders a new approach to evaluation. 

This policy builds on the Agency’s long and innovative history of evaluation, and seeks to redress the decline in the quantity and quality of evaluation practice within the Agency in the recent past.The number of evaluations submitted to USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) decreased from nearly 500 in 1994 to approximately 170 in 2009, despite an almost three-fold increase in program dollars managed.Over that period, the Agency’s evaluation activities have been subject to both internal and external critiques regarding methodological quality, objectivity, access to evaluation findings, and use of evaluation recommendations for decision making.
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