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USAID's Office of Food for Peace Releases FY 2019 Draft RFA and CSI for Madagascar and Malawi

Please find the draft Fiscal Year 2019 (FY 2019) Request for Applications (RFA) for development food and nutrition security activities in Madagascar and Malawi. In addition please find country-specific information (CSI) for Madagascar and Malawi

Because these materials are in draft and subject to change, all potentials applicants are strongly advised to wait for the final versions before starting to work on an application. Applications are submitted at the risk of applicant, and all preparation and submission costs are at the applicant's expense. 

USAID reserves the right to adjust the number of awards, funding levels and sources of funding, given the budget environment and other considerations. Recall that USAID/FFP removed the technical information from the RFA in 2015 and created helpful new technical reference chapters, which can be found on the USAID/FFP website

As in prior years, market fundamental reports, food security desk reviews, and any other materials signaled in the CSIs have been or will be posted on the appropriate country fact sheet page soon for your consideration. Please note that no USAID/FFP country backstop officers or field representatives should be contacted in any way about information contained in the draft RFA materials. As stated in the draft RFA, all comments and inquiries should be directed to

Comments on the FY 2019 draft documents are due Friday, December 28, 2018 at noon. However, please do not wait until the last day to submit your consolidated comments and inquiries. USAID/FFP is planning to have a stakeholder consultation again this year while the RFA is in draft. Please stay tuned for an invitation. 

All documents will be available on the USAID website: