Food Security and Nutrition Network

Webinar on Private Sector & Smallholder Adaptation: What We Know

Event Details
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 9:30am to 11:00am

Companies purchasing from small farmers are often on the front lines delivering services, information and finance to communities hard hit by variable weather and other threats. Understanding how these companies are responding to the risks facing their farmer suppliers and supply chains is critical to developing effective partnerships for resilient value chains. 

This webinar will share key takeaways from the Feed the Future Learning Community for Supply Chain Resilience, led by CIAT. Consortium partners from IITA, the Sustainable Food Lab and Root Capital will contribute findings from their engagement with the food and beverage industry and the finance sector regarding critical ways to align private sector investments with public sector and research programs for long-term impact in small farmer communities. The webinar will highlight the tools and processes developed to better assess the risk of temperature fluctuations, drought, and other shocks. Presenters will also discuss joint public-private solutions for mitigating those risks within farming communities and value chains. 

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