WASH Systems Strengthening

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Ensuring WASH services last requires holistic thinking and strong systems. These resources, many of which were designed in partnership with Water for People and IRC, aim to help practitioners apply systems thinking to designing and implementing WASH interventions.  This page is  updated on a regular basis by PRO-WASH & SCALE Award.

If you are interested in learning more about the resources on this page or would like to share your own resources, please contact PRO-WASH & SCALE at (prowashandscale@savechildren.org)

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Resources and Materials

Training Materials

Short Course: Life-Cycle Costing of Water Services

This course introduces the Excel tool “Life-Cycle Costing of Water Services” and identifies potential calculations and financial analysis of water services. It also helps prepare for starting use of the tool. The session course includes short videos that show how to use and navigate the tool. This course is available on the WASH Systems Academy.

WASH Systems Strengthening for BHA Implementing Partners 

PRO-WASH worked with Water for People and IRC to adapt the course on WASH Systems Academy to BHA implementing partners. This course covers the basic concepts of WASH systems strengthening and examines how to achieve sustainable WASH service delivery for all and how to function effectively in the process. It also helps explain the WASH systems strengthening approach: what it is, how and why it was developed, and how to start applying it. This course is available on the WASH Systems Academy.


Life Cycle Costing Tool (FR)

The life cycle costing tool provides a complete picture of what it costs to sustain water services over time. It provides a view of how much funding is required for Capital Expenditure, Capital Maintenance Expenditure, Direct Support, and  Operation and Maintenance.  This tool provides a breakdown by category and provides a general picture of the financial need.


WASH Systems Strengthening Course

This session introducing the WASH Systems Strengthening course provides preliminary information, explaining to interested participants what exactly WASH systems strengthening means and how the material complements food security activities.

Systems Strengthening Learning Exchange with PRO-WASH partners

During this session, Water For People and IRC facilitated a learning exchange to conclude the training support and to share lessons learned. The learning exchange included a brief overview of the support provided and the tools developed for each RFSA, a guided discussion, and brief overview of next steps.

Partner Resources

USAID Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership

WASH Systems Academy

Agenda for Change