Food Security and Nutrition Network
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The FSN Network gives you an opportunity to get to know and dialogue with other food security and nutrition implementers so that you can do your job better individually and so that we can strengthen the implementation of food security and nutrition programs collectively. You can participate more fully in the community by joining a Task Force or an Interest Group of the FSN Network.

Global Task Forces

Global Task Forces enable members from around the world to directly contribute their expertise in development and adaptation of crucial information, tools, and methods that are responsive to stakeholder needs. Task Forces provide feedback directly to USAID and have specific products and outputs that they focus on delivering throughout the year.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are small communities of practice of food security implementers located in the field or at headquarters level who periodically connect online or in-person to share experiences, give advice, spread ideas and provide peer-support in cross-cutting and emerging implementation areas. Interest Groups function as communities of practice where participants learn from one another and from outside experts.

Community Links

Community Links are external resources essential to the FSN Network and its community members. They provide leading research, news and information, tools and guides, and discussion forums centering on food security and nutrition programming.