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Save the Children / Charlie Forgham-Bailey

The Implementer-Led Design, Evidence, Analysis and Learning (IDEAL) activity is funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) that works to support the United States Government’s goal of improving food and nutrition security among the world’s most vulnerable households and communities. IDEAL addresses knowledge and capacity gaps expressed by the food and nutrition security implementing community, supporting them in the design and implementation of effective emergency and non-emergency food security activities. IDEAL is led by Save the Children and implemented by a consortium that includes The Kaizen Company, Mercy Corps, and TANGO International. Click here to access our IDEAL FAQ. 

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What We Do

IDEAL aims to answer the needs of the food security community through our Small Grants Program, capacity strengthening activities, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and stakeholder consultations. Through the activities below, IDEAL facilitates the transfer of knowledge among emergency and non-emergency practitioners and increases the availability of resources necessary to design food security programming.

Meet The Team

headshot of Suzanne Ammari

Suzanne Ammari

Deputy Activity Director

headshot of Luisa Angelsmith

Luisa Angelsmith

Organizational Development Manager

headshot of Lloyd Banwart

Lloyd Banwart

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Advisor

headshot of Piers Bocock

Piers Bocock

Senior Adaptive Management Advisor

headshot of Suzanne Buracas

Suzanne Buracas

Senior Events Coordinator

headshot of Bianca Flokstra

Bianca Flokstra

Strategic Learning & Capacity Development Advisor

headshot of Karyn Fox

Karyn Fox

Qualitative Research & Resilience Specialist

headshot of Jenny Hadle

Jenny Haddle

Adaptive Management Advisor

headshot of Lexi Kirton

Lexi Kirton

Program Specialist

headshot of Grace Krauser

Grace Krauser

Program Officer

headshot of Dasha Kosmynina

Dasha Kosmynina

Director, Administration and Operations

headshot of Amy Leo

Amy Leo

Senior Adaptive Management Specialist

headshot of Gitau Mbure

Gitau Mbure

Food Security Technical Advisor

headshot of Logan Noonan

Logan Noonan

Program Specialist

headshot of Maja Persson

Maja Persson

Communications & Knowledge Management Advisor

headshot of Darin Ottenhoff

Darin Ottenhoff

Emergency Senior Specialist

headshot of Elizabeth Pearce

Elizabeth Pearce

Instructional Design Senior Specialist

headshot of Addi Qatamin

Addi Qatamin

Strategic Learning and Adaptive Management Senior Specialist

headshot of Chris Riggs

Chris Riggs

Organizational Learning Specialist

headshot of Karen Romano

Karen Romano

Activity Director

headshot of Siddarth Senthilkumaran

Siddarth Senthilkumaran

Program Associate

headshot of Elly Sukup

Elly Sukup

Food Security Technical Officer

headshot of Camille Tacastacas

Camille Tacastacas

Knowledge Management Senior Specialist

headshot of Kirsten Tanifum

Kirsten Tanifum

Small Grants Program Specialist

headshot of Norma Toussaint

Norma Toussaint

Senior Advisor, Food Security & Learning

headshot of Laura Zillmer

Laura Zillmer

Research Associate & M&E Specialist