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The Markets in Crises Community of Practice (MiC) is an online community of over 3,000 practitioners engaging with markets in crisis contexts. Market-Based Programming GraphicWe come from over 110 countries, representing NGOs, multilateral agencies, academic institutions, funders, and the private sector. The MiC shares ideas, experience, resources and learning with the aim of improving market-based programming in emergency, recovery, and development contexts. The resources below were designed to help humanitarian and development actors develop a shared language around using market-based approaches in fragile contexts. 

Market-based programming or market-based approaches are understood to be projects that work through or support local markets and contribute to positive market systems change. The terms cover all types of engagement with market systems, ranging from actions that deliver immediate relief to those that proactively strengthen and catalyze local market systems or market hubs. 

Some degree of market analysis is a critical part of all situation and response analyses. At a minimum, all humanitarian programming should be “market aware”, meaning that implementers understand how their work is likely to impact local markets (positively or negatively). The more humanitarian and development actors understand markets and local economies, the deeper they can engage with markets and market actors -- which improves the sustainability of livelihoods and economic work and builds local resilience. The resources below are available in multiple languages and are useful for briefly explaining market concepts to a variety of non-technical audiences.

Explainer Briefs

Market-Based Programming (MBP) Framework 

Applying MBP to Shelter

Market-Based Programming and Shelter

This simple guide is for shelter practitioners on implementing market-based programming in humanitarian and development responses. To illustrate the types of market-based programs implemented by humanitarian and development actors, the Markets in Crises Community of Practice (CoP) designed the Market-Based Programming Framework. This framework focuses on an understanding of markets as market systems rather than places. It can be applied to all sectoral or multi-sectoral MBP, including shelter programming.


Understanding Market-based Programming
Understanding Market-based Jargon